Staff Classroom Wishlists

We asked teachers to send us a wishlist with classroom needs we could share with parents. Here are their responses. Lists will be updated as requested.


Heather Nelson: Bulletin board borders, science equipment for young children.

Karen Freundlich: Blue tooth speaker, storage space (another shed).
Brittany Green: Storage bins.


Jenna Valaika: Crayola markers, baby wipes, black dry erase markers.

Erin Jones:

1st Grade

Victoria Woolford: Electric pencil sharpeners, over-ear headphones, twistable color pencils.

Kim Bell: Child sized headphones, CD player for listening center.


2nd Grade

Lauralee Huff: Think black dry erase markers, twistable colored pencils, sharpened pencils, electric pencil sharpener.  Sheets of holiday stickers for homework.

Jessica Whelan: Noise cancelling headphones, treasure box items (small dollar store toys, stickers, etc.), file folders for filing cabinets, filing crates, new books for my classroom library.

3rd Grade

Abby Nedjedly: Noise cancelling headphones, computer mouse (multiple), timers, headphones/ear buds.

Lisa Howes: Possibly a subscription to kids magazines (National Geographic for Kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids, etc.)

4th Grade

Tiff Rule: Book sets, Chromebooks, science materials, social studies materials.

Amanda Griffith: Technology, book sets, money for field trips.

5th Grade

Brittany Loranc: Fun paper for kids to use, Mr. Sketch markers, more Chromebooks in the classroom, book sets for literature circles.

Crystal Fassbinder: Glue sticks.

Heidi Meara: Mechanical pencils, replenish science supplies, barometer & wind gauge for science.

6th Grade

Amanda Karlin: 1-2 butterfly or small comfy chairs (from Target college section), plants (peace lily), flexible seating cushions (gray/black), lap desks, small chairs or tall chairs for front.

Chris Raymond: Used chapter books (4th – 7th Grade)

Physical Education

Mark Altherr: Baseball gloves, racquets from an racquet sport, rugby balls, balloons. Open to any sporting equipment or kids items (please check with Mark before just dropping items off)


Shannon Salcido: Donations for additional recorder purchases, 10 more ukuleles (soprano), 5 more xylophones (alto or bass), markers, crayons, glue, and BAGGIES! (Gallon, sandwich, 2 gallon – no zippers, please)

Learning Specialist

Marianne Castillo: Chromebooks, O-G membership, blending board.


Arrica Wagner: Kleenex, mechanical pencils (disposable), stickers.